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Stunted Creativity in Boston

I've found it very difficult in Boston to find collaborators for video projects. I'd started to look at my old sketch folder on my computer and it got me excited to do real low budget, absurd comedy bits as economically as possible like I used to do. The last time I made a video like this was in Los Angeles, it was the Pillow Pal Infomercial. Simple, easy to shoot, and I love how that turned out.

Partly it's a matter of how much I'm working on productions. I was on sets a lot more often, for a lot longer hours, and in principle roles which made it easy, even for me, to start chatting up other actors and start talking about what else they're doing or want to be doing. In LA, everyone is doing something and often it's multiple things at once. They are going after the paid gigs and auditioning for the 3 lines or less co-star roles on TV but they generally also have a web series or short film written and ready to go or they have another type of video project in min…

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