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Farewell to Passion

I may be pumping the brakes on my return to Los Angeles, the potential financial upside to staying here in Boston is too great to forgo but it also comes at a price that I felt able to pay until I started thinking about the emptiness inside me. I've filled every possible hour of my life with one or another income gaining venture, whether it be writing or editing, I am now fully monetized. But I am also wholly alone. I'm starting to realize I feed off being involved in projects with other people, my passion is entirely tied up in doing film work, being apart of the team. Now I feel further away than ever.

Maybe it's something that will simply return with the background work as it starts to gear up but I want something more than that and I hate myself for not being able to come up with something. There are jackoffs all over the internet, doing fun things and getting people's attention, so why am I so incapable of coming up with something I can do on a consistent basis. I…

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