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Hungry to Work

I am so ready to come back home. Logically, I know I'm doing what seems like the smarter decision but I'm so ready to be back home among my aspiring filmmaker colleagues and struggling actor friends; I'm eager to see if my representation will have me back as a client or if I'll have to trudge forward alone. Do the odds that they will become less likely the longer I stay away? I worry about these things and timing; maybe I'm supposed to come back now, or maybe this June, or maybe next December but how do I know?

I'd set my original deadline to the end of June 2019, a date which should allow me to completely pay off all my credit card debt and ideally start an extremely meager savings. But I'm being swayed somewhat by the idea that, if I do stay in Boston until the end of December 2019, I could significantly increase that savings and come back to LA with a much stronger safety net. But does that come at the expense of opportunities, do I lose face in the indu…

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