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Living in Fear

Fear has always been apart of my life. Not in a paralyzing sense but I've never been the bravest or the boldest and I've always been something of a worrier. When I started staying home alone, I would be worried that something would happen to my parents while they were out. When my dad had a flight for business, I was concerned with his safety and altered aspects of my behavior to prevent hindering his safe return. I had some ridiculous ones as well like skeletons following me up the staircase or that the Nemesis from Resident Evil or The Grudge was right behind my shower curtain anytime I went to the bathroom.

As I got older, new fears replaced the old and the ridiculous. Mostly my fears today revolve around money and if I'm making enough of it and where can I put it to make more of it. Every moment of my life is spent thinking about money in one way or another. I worry about losing my ability to contract with Uber suddenly, perhaps through autonomous vehicles becoming via…

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